"This is my circus and my monkeys, however, so expect shorter and quicker entries — ideas longer than a tweet but lacking the occasionally excessive windups that my Spoiler Alerts columns had."

That's the part of the blogosphere that really missed out: post sizes largers than the Twitter character limit and smaller than a full-length piece (whatever that is - 800 words?). Twitter org has refused to get that, and so it's all fountains of hostility because nasty insults can easily be delivered inside the Twitter length limit, unlike a reasonable thought.

"The circle is now complete."

I believe it's been ...16? years since I left comments on the Drenzer blog.



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I'm so glad to follow you here. I was really disappointed when your PostEverything gig ended and I missed catching up on your thoughts.

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As we say in Australia, "Good on ya!"

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I've been following you since the days of the original blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do here.

One suggestion: bring back the Drezner Gets Results posts; I always got a kick out of those.

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Congrats! I, for one, welcome our new zombie blogger overlord!

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