Great review of the diplomat. As a layman I found it both absurd and deeply watchable, a bit like how people interested in politics got really into House of Cards in seasons 1-2.

One way to keep the show from just going into oblivion IMO would be to have a sort of "villain of the season" type approach like with Justified, ie in season 2 wrap up the British stuff quick and go on to the next crazy event Kate et al have to tackle.

Realistic? Of course not. But this is basically a soap opera (like House of Cards was when it was good) and not taking itself too seriously is probably the key to being lasting fun television.

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Ambassadors. Mitchell and Webb. Still the only series to grasp the art and the absurdity of diplomacy.


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Just in case you missed this series from 2021...

The Chair (on Netflix) with Sandra Oh


I suspect you will appreciate and enjoy this show.

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No one playing overworked & underappreciated TAs? Hmmm: I’ve got a terrific pilot to pitch!

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