I don’t disagree with your point, and at the very least I see it as a reasonable reaction.

I wanted to piggyback on what you wrote, as it reminded me of something I’ve noticed about National Review.

I’m a leftist, so perhaps Lowry and co. wouldn’t gain much traction with me no matter what they said. But too much of their writing to me seems like choir-preaching pretending to be an argument.

It’s common for Lowry to say something like “the media likes to say this or that,” before saying what he thinks. The implication is always that his mere identification of what “the media” says refutes it. I agree that media narratives are often dubious, and lazy. But the NR narrative isn’t an improvement on that. Too often, it amounts to “if the media said it, we know it’s bullshit.”

There are writers like Jack Shafer who use a criticism of the media as a jumping-off point for a lot of research and historical context to actually back up the criticism.

I’m only just starting to read your work, but so far it feels to me like you’re giving us something with more substance than we’re likely to get from NR.

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No dodge, just truth. As the only military veteran in the race, he is correct. Ukraine is not worth one US soldier death. DesAntis is correct! Trumps full of it, he will not settle it in 24 hrs.

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